CYBG Remediation Support Group is set up to assist Members in obtaining recompense for damage to their businesses as a result of CYBG PLC mis-selling business loans from 2000. Support our fundraising effort to fight CYBG PLC & Virgin Money and partner, Cerberus.

Founding Principle

… ‘Australia needs stability in its banking sector. So does Britain. To bring it about, banks everywhere need to do far more to truly act in their customers’ interests, as opposed to being as aggressive as possible over issues such as remediation for past wrongs… Will it happen? Sadly, I doubt it.’…

Katherine Griffiths is Banking Editor of The Times UK – 23 Jan. 2019

As a strategic business opportunity, indeed necessity, we challenged the CYBG PLC Chairman, CEO and Board directly at their recent AGM to prove Katherine’s well-founded scepticism wrong and truly set CYBG out as a different UK Bank now!

CYBG Remediation Support Group presents our latest video clip which includes extracts from the Clydesdale Bank (CYBGPLC) 2019 shareholders AGM in Melbourne, Australia on 30 January 2019, including a significant and important business strategy presentation by the Chair Jim Pettigrew and CEO David Duffy.

Also included is some media coverage in the few days before and after the AGM. Mr Ian Lightbody from NABCSG makes some comments and poses three questions during Q&A as well as a number from Australian Bank Warriors.

Towards the end of the video clip (42 mins), you will hear Jim Pettigrew refer to meeting Ian Lightbody after the AGM, which took place with the Australian Bank Warriors, one of whom recorded the discussion which can be heard here and a transcript of the discussion, here.

Underpinning some of those CYBG answers at the AGM are the supplier code of conduct, published on the CYBG website on page 6, (PDF Link here).

‘We value integrity, fairness, honesty, respect, consistency and collaboration as the hallmarks of good relationships’.

The CYBG Remediation Support Group expects Members to reciprocate the conduct and behaviour they encounter at all levels of CYBG PLC.

If you are a victim of Clydesdale Bank or Yorkshire Bank (CYBG PLC) then please contact us via email to, scanning any of your loan facility letters to verify your identity.

A crucial letter was sent after Mr. Ian Lightbody returned home to Glasgow after the 2019 AGM.  That 4-page letter is in the Members section…  released HERE (CLICK ON THIS LINK) prior to the FCA Public Meeting on Wednesday 17 July 2019 at 9.30 am in London.

1)  Pettigrew Esq. Chairman.   2)  Duffy Esq. CEO.

Floor 15 The Leadenhall Building
122 Leadenhall Street

4 February 2019

Dear Jim / David,


Message from Andrew Bailey  FCA CEO for the CYBG Remediation Support Group inaugural meeting:

“The FCA is firmly in support of satisfactory resolution of past cases involving banks and small firms, including tailored business loans.  We agree that the framework proposed by the Walker Review should be developed to provide effective arbitration and resolution which is independent and fair. It is important that the design and oversight of these arrangements reflect the views of all parties.”

Message from Jim Shannon, MP for Strangford, (DUP), for the inaugural group meeting, can be found in the members’ area.


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SME ALLIANCE related documents – Press Release dated 12th March 2019 and Financial Times Jonathan Ford article re Nicky Turner; DRS and McGrory settlement with CYBG

Letter to Heather Buchanan from John Guidi to process through to Stephen Jones of UK Finance 14th March 2019

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Letter to David Duffy, CEO CYBG PLC / Clydesdale Bank from Kevin Hollinrake APPG Fair Business Banking – 22nd March 2019

Transcript of the meeting with the Press Association after CYBG meeting on Friday 22nd March at 7.15pm – photo of the three of us

Photo of the Leadenhall CYBG RSG ‘cohorts’ at Leadenhall on Tuesday 26th March 2019

Reuters UK Lawmaker asks FCA ahead of historic arbitration scheme – This includes the Armstrong case, dated 28th March 2019

Letter to David Duffy from Kevin Hollinrake – 29th March 2019

APPG ISG Update in relation to the DRS Scheme 2nd April 2019

Letter to David Duffy from Kevin Hollinrake 2nd April 2019

Katherine Griffiths article – ‘Small firms can afford to be optimistic about Banks’ dispute schemes’ 3rd April 2019

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William Turvill – Mail on Sunday – Article on Cerberus – Hounds of Hell – 4th May 2019

Adele Ferguson – NAB facing fresh UK loan refund threat – 6th May 2019

PARLIAMENT. Hansard – Banking (Consumer and Small Business Protection)  7th May 2019

Rachel Wolcott – Thomson Reuters – Senior Managers accountable for SME treatment – 9th May 2019

Dr Evan Jones – The parlous history of NAB’s Clydesdale Bank (Part 1): Long under the radar – 22nd February 2018

Dr Evan Jones – The parlous history of NAB’s Clydesdale Bank (Part 2), 24th February 2018

CONDUCT, CAPITAL – Half Year 2019 CYBG PLC Earnings Call

Reuters – Banks Gamed FCA & SME’s – 23/5/2019

Letter to Duff & Phelps from APPG Kevin Hollinrake 07/06/2019 re their vexatious conduct towards the Simpsons

Jun 19 2019 Rachel Wolcott, Regulatory Intelligence, Reuters: FCA ignored warnings banks would game interest

Jun 21 2019 Rachel Wolcott, Regulatory Intelligence, Reuters: FCA’s 15-month interest-rate swap redress review to hinder claims, say industry officials.

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